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To view any of the sailing stories from the SAILING STORIES LIBRARY simply point and click. All stories and photos ˇZZ 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 by James Calore. Comments welcome (email link at bottom).

Download Bermuda: Bluewater Merit Badge (story & photos)
Download Captain Ray: Bay of Quinte, Ontario (story & photos)
Download Alone At Last: Sailing into Retirement (story & photos)
Download Sailing Capitol of NC: The Village of Oriental (story & photos)
Download Upper Chesapeake: The Boys Take to the Bay (story & photos)
Download St. Georges Harbour: Hanging at the Crossroads (story & photos)

Download Akela Specs
Download T34C Profile

Download Florida Keys Photo Album Winter 2005
Download Shore scenes taken over Memorial Day Weekend 2004 (photos)
Download Akela, Eleanor and one cool boat swing / Summer 2003 (photos)
Download Images from along the ICW: MD, VA, NC (photos)
Download Lake Ontario: Main Duck, Kingston, Stony Island (photos)
Download Eastern Shore: Family Summer Cruise (photos)
Download Maryland: Middle Bay (photos)
Download Bluewater Experience (photos)
Download Hood 37 Sea Fever (photos)

Download Kevin in the Keys Feb05 (video)
Download Akela Sails w/Ray(marine AP) (video)
Download Akela Cuts Thru Biscayne Channel Apr05 (video)
Download Akela Sailing Offshore Miami Apr05 (video)
Download College kids go sailing May04 (video)
Download A two-man sailing canoe May04 (video)
Download Akela sailing near Baltimore Light Apr04 (video)
Download Akela anchored behind Dobbins Island Apr04 (video)
Download Akela sailing the Upper Bay 11OCT03 (video)
Download Akela sailing the Upper Bay / Summer 2003 (video)

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